Message from President

 In the 1950s, just after the World War II, various future predictions of what will upcoming in the 21st century were published. Among them, the IT industry has been developed far beyond the imagination at that time. On the other hand, one of the domains which are not so developed as expected was the air transportation which was considered as a personal form of transportation.
 Indeed, in Japan many airports were built by the Japanese government, it is regrettable to say that some of these airports except of the Metropolitan airports are not enough used. That is why we, private air transport companies, have to make more efforts.
 We will make various proposals, like efficient use of small sized airplanes in order to realize our company policies to offer transportation means in the air.
 We are pleased to develop a new era for the aeronautic application.

Subsidiaries companies
・Daihyaku General Co.,Ltd.
・Chiba Central Golf Club.

Daihyaku Shoji Co., Ltd.
President Mori Katsuhiko